our first diwali

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Hi Mithai, Michri,

A very happy Diwali to you!

This is your first Diwali and is one of the best Diwali’s of my life. Your Mom says this is THE BEST DIWALI OF MY LIFE.

Diwali’s festivities started with your mama making decorating Diwali pooja place.


Isn’t your mom creative?

She also decorated the balcony and entrance of the house with Diyas. I put on the chinese blinking lights near the Pooja area.

Each one of us were ready by 4: 30 pm. You girls were looking so much pretty in your Orange and Green outfits. Mithai was in Orange and Michri, you were in Green outfit.


All of us i.e. Dia, mama, papa and you two girls went to Nikhar aunty’s place. All three Arnav, Ravi Uncle and Nikhar Nikhar “>Aunti welcomed us. Nikhar aunty, as usual, were a little scared and were requesting you (michri) not to cry if she takes you in her arms. Suddenly you girls got hungry and i went back home to get your food.

Mithai and Michri, both of you were fascinated by the clock. Basically the pendulum of the clock. Ravi Uncle explained that Arnav used to keep on staring at the clock for minutes without blinking his eyes.

You girls were very well behaved once you had your food. You girls were sitting quite comfortably in Arnav’s flat. Arnav got the same rocker and cradle as you are and he was very comfortable sitting in the rocker.

Nikhar aunty served us some fresh pakoras, sweet and tea. We left in 45 minutes.

After coming back to home, Your Mom and I did the Pooja by playing the aarti ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare’ from YouTube. Your Dia was taking care of you and was explaining you what mama and papa is doing sitting in front. After finishing the aarti, i prayed God for your well being.

Then dia came and sat with you both. DSC00939

Both you girls were quite fascinated with the pooja decoration in front and Dia was explaining to bow down and pray. Once you girls finished your prayers, Michri went off to sleep. She was tired because she was awake the whole day. After sometime, i started playing music on the speakers. Just before Jaya aunty, Sumit Uncle, Jaya’s Mummy and Tua came, you michri got up and welcomed them to our place.

Tua was very well behaved and you girls were both looking at her turn by turn. Michri like tua very much, specially her big hairs. Last time she came i rememer, you pulled her hair. She will be a good friend of yours once you grow up. Tua came quietly in dia’s lap. Mithai, you revolted once Jaya Jaya “>aunti wanted to pick you up. Somehow today, Michri sat with Jaya aunty for a very long duration. It was good to see, finally you are being social :).

Dia did make some delicious festive food. She served the food to Tua’s family and they well appreciated the food. After food, we had a photo session.


After they left, in sometime Nikhar Nikhar “>Aunti, Ravi Uncle and Arnav came to our place. Nikhar aunty gifted you silver bracelets. Arnav was wearing kurta pyjama and was looking cute. He was quite comfortable and well behaved in our house. We served them food and did photo session.

Ravi uncle was quite surprised to see you girls watching nursery rhymes in you tube and was particularly impressed at how intently you girls were watching the nursery rhymes. He commented that this generation is ‘Computer Ready’ generation. Even Arnav sat with you looking at the rhymes.


After photo session, we all went down to burst some fire crackers. I started sparkles with Ravi Uncle to show you the DSC00954lights. But both you girls got very scared of the noise of big fire crackers (our neighbors were bursting). We left the fire crackers half the way and rushed back home to cajole you guys.

You girls had your dinner and went off to sleep, but in between were getting disturbed by the noise of loud fire cracker. Sometime after midnight, when the noise level went down, you girls were sleeping peacefully.

DSC00909Next day, just to get acquainted with fire sparkles, I lighted some sparkle in the balcony in the evening and you two girls cheered very much. Mithai, specially was very happy to see the lights coming from sparkle.

That was one of the Good Diwali’s of my life. I know the best is yet to come.

Loads of Love,



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Hello My World!

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Hello Papa’s Girls,

Your Papa loves you both to death!!

I have been thinking about writing the blog from long time, but somehow every time i sat down, something else cropped up.

Anyways first things first i.e. today’s updates.

Today is Danteras and we’ll went out to do Diwali shopping. Yes you guys got dressed pretty early at 3 PM.


Tell you honestly you look like fairies. We went out in a hired Cab, first to Thippasandra where we got some diyas, candles and fire crackers. Your Granny (dia) got some silver stuff, as its a ritual to buy something of gold, silver or metal on Danteras. In Thippasandra, michri was in Mom’s arms and mithai, you were in my arms. In spite of sights and sounds of market place, mithai, you were sleeping peacefully in my arms. When you sleep in like this, it feels that this is it – I don’t need anything else in life. It feels like this is the purpose of my life, to bring you girls up.

After shopping from Thippasandra, we went straight to Garuda Mall in West side. Mithai, you were sleeping all this while in Dia’s lap in the Car. While on the way Michri also slept in Mama’s lap. On arriving at Garuda Mall, Michri, you got awake when we tried to put you in pram. Anyways, you got awake and were little annoyed with us, but as always you took it in your stride and we moved up towards westside. Mithai, you were in the carrier with me.

Your Mom took off to buy clothes for Diwali. Yes! your mom is very fond of clothes.

Michri, you were busy admiring a big teddy while in pram and you were continuously looking at it DSC00881and trying to grab it. Mithai, you were in carrier and we’re looking various stuff like toys, baby clothes, men clothing, etc., You got pretty excited to see yourself in the big mirror and you were continuously playing with your mirror image 🙂

Not to mention, the sales girls in the diamond jewellery counter were all admiring your beautiful appearance and continuously smiling at you.

Your Mom bought one kurta from westside and we sat down near the lift to feed you marie biscuit. Both of you happily ate that. While you were eating, i went up to the food court and bought vegetarian snacks – Cheese Pakora, Kachori and Vada Pav. While waiting for my parcel to arrive, i was thinking, how beautiful it would be when we’ll will come and have a good meal together.

DSC00883After taking the parcel, we head back home. Mama and Dia finished Cheese pakora. I don’t like to eat in front of the stranger, so i told mama not to offer me anything while i was sitting in front seat with the driver. On the way back, Mithai you were little unrest and all the way you were little cranky. I guess, you don’t like to be out for more than 3 hours at a stretch and you like to be at home.

At home, you guys had your dinner and went off to sleep. As usual, you guys got up in between 10 pm and midnight and we patted you back to sleep.

It was a long day for me, i was working from home all day before we went out.

Tired and going off to bed now.

Love you girls,

Good night,


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